So there’s this place in New South Wales called Yass and there is a mcdonalds there and well…..


"my ass"

open 24 hours


Below is a download link for #3,942 small, medium and high quality GIFs of Liam Payne. I basically redid my entire Liam Folder, so these GIFs are mostly recent but there are a few older ones, too. Enjoy!




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Do you ever want to talk to someone but

1) You feel like you’re bothering them or coming off clingy
2) You don’t have anything to say, you just want to talk to them
3) You don’t know how to hold a conversation to save your life 


thanks mom



A friendly southern community where the sun is hot, the swamplands are beautiful, and mysterious alligators pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.

…welcome to Barton Hollow.

Hello, ListenersThis is as good a time as any to embark on a journey through the gothic mystery of a town so sinister that it has been struck from all such maps. For you see, in the darkest most decrepit places of the country there is a town; a town called Barton Hollow. It is a town as dirty as a Quentin Tarantino movie mucked through the muddy swamps of the saccharine forests in the Deep South. It is a town where the population is riddled with flaws and eccentricities. Where magical realism meets voodoo, and racism and poverty is the least of their worries. It’s a town that’s settled in a pool of the macabre and irony. 

I wish I could say that I understand all the mysteries surrounding this town… but I can’t and I don’t. For now, we just have to accept what we have and realize that while where we live may be odd, it is still our home. And home is where the heart is… right? Who knows? 

…Goodnight, listeners. Goodnight.

→ M A I N |C O N T A C T | C H A R A C T E R S | P L O T | F O L K L O R E

We are now accepting original characters. Acceptance every Wednesday & Saturday from 5 pm PST to midnight PST.

Some most needed characters:







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